GWA DK Struer practical information

 Below you will find practical information about GWO Working At Height (GWO WAH), season clothes and parking options.


GWO WAH - Working at Height og GWO ART - Advanced Rescue Training, maximum body weight: 128 kg

For participants at GWO Working at Height and GWO Advanced Rescue Training, the maximum body weight is 128 kg. This is due to the capacity of the fall arrest systems, which is 140 kg at GWA.

E.g.: body weight: 128 kg + clothes and safety shoes: 5 kg + PPE equipment: 7 kg = 140 kg in total. 

If you do not meet this weight limit, you can not participate in the course due to safety.

(Be aware, that in the industry there can be other maximum limits - usually the maximum weight is 136 kg in total.)

Center open and close

The Global Wind Academy center in Struer is open Monday to Friday from 7:40AM, training in the morning always start at 8:00AM. The center close at 15:30PM.

Season clothes

Regarding clothing, most of the teaching takes place indoors in classrooms and a hall. This training hall is not heated, so it can be both hot and cold, depending on the season, so remember to dress appropriately for the season.

Parking at Sydkajen 10

Below you will find the areas where you can park for free.