The history of

Global Wind Academy

"Global Wind Academy was founded in 2014. With our background, we have more than 40 years combined experience in the wind industry"


Co-founder and director

Per Lapholm Christoffersen


2014 - Danish Offshore Training established
2015 - Cooperation with UCH Holstebro started up
2016 - Danish Offshore Training change company named to Global Wind Academy, new owner joined
2016 - The first GWO BST Safety and Blades L1 and L2 training executed in Japan
2018 - Global Wind Academy established new GWO facilities in Denmark
2019 - The first Blades training was executed in Vietnam. GWO Safety training in fixed facilities in Tokyo, Japan
2020 - Global Wind Academy department in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam established November

Since the beginning - we support all relevant training

With instructors from the wind industry, we can offer all relevant training in both Europe, Asia and the USA.

We provide training in safety and blades, as well as technical and product specific training.

Also on-site training

We have our own training facilities, but we also provide on-site training.


To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer experienced, committed, and highly responsible instructors.

Please feel free to contact Global Wind Academy, we will do our absolute best to meet your expectations.