13 GW off-shore in South Korea before 2030

13 GW off-shore in South Korea before 2030 and a huge demand for manpower and GWO training.

Global Wind Academy was part of an event in Busan, South Korea, arranged and hosted by the Embassy of Denmark in Seoul, KRISO from Korea and the GWO organization.

In the event, CIP/COP informed about the target of carbon neutrality by 2050 in Korea and the forecast for total 14,9 GW wind in 2030. According to their forecast, it seems that the biggest floating offshore, globally, will be installed in South Korea.

Mr. Jakob Lau Holst CEO, GWO organization informed about how to match the demand and supply for all kind of industrial GWO standards, including safety, technical, crane, and GWO advanced training.

Beside the above speakers, TIWPT from Taiwan, FMTC from Holland and Global Wind Academy from Denmark was invited to speak about GWO as a training provider and to offer cooperation and support for GWO training in South Korea.

In the event, an interesting visit at KIMFT was arranged, very interesting to see their facilities and see how they provide training in Korea.