PRESS TODAY: First GWO training Center to open in Vietnam 15 Nov. 2020

Global Wind Academy from Denmark and VIVABLAST from Vietnam has signed an agreement for the opening of a GWO training Center in Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

In 2018 the cooperation between Global Wind Academy and VIVABLAST started up. Since then Blades training was made in 2019 and in 2020 the first GWO Safety training was made in Vietnam.

VIVABLAST Group CEO, Boris Vivares inform: “In Vietnam we have a seen a huge request for GWO training, and we find it natural to be part of building up domestic competences for the Wind Turbine Industry. Our strategy is to provide GWO Safety training and also the new GWO Technical training modules. Our facilities will soon be ready for the GWO training and our plan is to open the Global Wind Academy training Center per November the 15th, this year”.

In Ho Chi Minh all preparation for starting up the training Center are running as planned, buildings, facilities, equipment, processes etc. The only issues that can bring some delay is the currently covid-19 situation. For opening the Global Wind Academy training Center per November the 15th, GWA Safety Instructors and Specialists will need to achieve access to Vietnam.

The pictures below is from the construction of the training center