GWO BTT Mechanical module

GWO BTT Mechanical module


This module includes the GWO Mechanical. The duration is 2 days.

13/May/2024 - 14/May/2024
Start date 13/05/2024
End date 14/05/2024

Additional options

GWO data for the participant will be uploaded in the GWO WINDA Database. You can also order a plastic GWO ID card.

An additional WINDA fee of DKK 150 will be added for each participant per module

Amount of participants
* required

GWO Mechanical
The content of the GWO Basic Technical Training Mechanical Module is:

Mechanical introduction
Mechanical safety
The principles of bolted and welded connections
Use of manual tightening and measuring tools
Hydraulic torque and tension
Braking system
Yaw system
Cooling system
Lubrication system
Theoretical test